2022  City award – Bressuire (79)

2022  Agglo 2B award – Bressuire (79)

2018 Municipal Award at the Salon of Flagy (77)

2017 Audience Award at the Art Biennale of Champagne sur Seine (77)

2016 Laureate – 6th Festival Concours Agir pour l’environnement de Monaco.

Audience Award at the 8th Sculpture Salon of La Bouille (76).

2015 Audience Award at the 45th Salon Arts 19 (Paris 19th)

The Webzine Art 11 Actu n°624 18th February in the column Le web de l’Art:

Cristina Marquès favorite of the week.

2013 Gold Medal Other techniques from The European Academy of Arts France (Paris 6th).

2012 Ice Wall chosen to illustrate the lesson on polymerization in the school manual 2012/2013 for Terminale S Chemistry – Ed. Belin.

2008 Silver Medal: online Gallery Artmajeur.

2004 Silver Medal: Lepine Competition (Paris 15th).

translated by Odyssée Bouvyer/La Condamine