Originally from Vallauris, Cristina Marquès left the south of France at the age of 20 to study art in Paris. She learnt many techniques, from painting to creative decoration. She also learnt to master different materials and substances including Acrylic glass (Altuglas/Plexiglas).

Cristina Marquès graduated from the MJM Graphic Design school of Paris. She had work experiences as a decoration assistant and props assistant for the programme “Guignols de l’info” on the TV channel Canal Plus and was also decoration assistant on several short films.

In 2003, she had a strong desire to work with her hands and started to create “objets d’art” and contemporary jewellery, all made with a material that had never been used before by artists, methacrylate. She brought a new dimension to Plexiglas with this “bubble” look or with “trompe l’oeil”, incorporating glass, wood, leather and even bronze.

In 2004, Cristina Marquès was invited by the specialist of Plexiglas, Nino Bavari, and came back to her roots in the South of France. She joined him in his studio in Menton where she rapidly acquired the experience and knowhow of working with this difficult material. This allowed her to make the necessary step towards sculpture which she achieved with great sensitivity. It confirmed her passion for Plexiglas which became her favourite material.

Between 2005 and 2007 Cristina was asked to create the logo for an air conditioning company “SA JP Carriere” as well as the creation of different trophies (golf, regattas, fashion…).

She was given a new challenge in 2009 by a collector and amateur of Design who asked her to create 2 sculptures / armchairs in Plexiglas. She carried out the design, concept and the model on a scale of 1/3. This opened up her world to create on another dimension. She has created different installations since 2007.

In January 2012, she was recognized by the scientific community and one of her creations was chosen to illustrate the lesson on « Polymerisation » in the 2012/2013 school book for the class of Terminal S – chemistry – published by the “Editions Belin”.

The Art critic Christian Noorbergen, author at Artension and Miroir de l’Art, published an article on Cristina Marquès in May 2012.

Mr. Michel Gaudet, painter and art critic, wrote about Cristina Marquès’s work in September 2012.

In October 2013, Caisse d’Epargne PACA ordered 8 sculptures/trophies for the winners of the Marathon “Nice – Cannes ».

August 2014 was marked by an order from Mrs. Barberis-Rottier for a sculpture to interpret a work by Mr. Guy Rottier, architect and first assistant of “Le Corbusier”: “Cenotaphe Cemetery of Nice School”.

From 2015 to 2018, the General Council of the Maritime Alps ordered various trophies for the « Energy Climate » project.

In 2017, Isaure de Saint Pierre, a blogger author who came to visit the artist’s studio, publishes an article on Cristina Marquès.

In August 2018, Cristina was asked by « Le Patriote Côte d’Azur » to write an article on the theme « What does Picasso makes you think about? »

In September 2018, during the last conference of Mouans Sartoux « Arts, Sciences & Pensées », during her conference, Isabelle Grenier, a researcher in astrophysics, projected one of Cristina Marquès’s work: « Sea Fan », to illustrate the effect of distortion.

Writer and poet Michel Lagrange wrote a critique of her art in June 2020, as well as a poem about her visual universe untitled Sculptural et chorégraphique (Sculptural and Choreographic). He also composed two poems about singular works, Dans la paix corallienne (Coral Peace) and Figement-gisement (Still Deposit), about Coral Reefs installations and Icefall sculpture.

The desire to discover other universes led to projects on a larger scale. She designed many collections and installations within topics that are dear to her and related to:

  • Writing: « Shodô » (way of writing / Japanese calligraphy), 2019
  • Marine world: « Kraken », 2019 and « Coral Reefs », 2018
  • Flora: « Mon Bouquet », 2018 and « Exotic Flowers », 2015
  • Wildlife: « Mes Oiseaux de Paradis », 2019, « Akhal-Téké », 2018 and « Caramel the Little Dog », 2008
  • Brotherhood-freedom: « Brotherhood of Nations », 2017 and « Freedom Ice Skyscraper », 2013
  • Galactic universe: « Mes 9 Météorites », 2018 and “Space Oddity « , 2015
  • Environment: « Mes Minerais », 2017 and “The Melting of Glaciers « , 2015
  • Aquatic universe: « Icefall », 2013
  • Universe of megacities: « Ice Manhattan », 2011

1998 / 2000  Graduated from MJM Graphic Design « Décor/Merchandising » – Paris 10th

November 2020