Michel Lagrange – June 2020

Translucent apparitions

As one looks at a sculpture by Cristina Marquès, notions of dimension seem to slip away. This effect is due to the translucent nature of her art, lending it the spatial expansiveness of a trompe-l’oeil. Whether monumental or minimalistic, these Plexiglas pieces sweep up the viewer to a world cut off from mundane preoccupations, where only the sheer spatial beauty and intrinsic truth of the piece matter.

The titles she gives her pieces evoke visions of urban landscapes, underwater voyages, legendary apparitions, frozen constellations, glass buildings projecting onto a dreamt sky, flights, migrations and sacred mineral pile ups such as the cairns one finds in Tibet. Listing the elements making up her universe would only partly capture her creative identity. [Read more…]

Christian Noorbergen – May 2012

Cristina Marques and her luminous talismans

One sees small pieces of walls that never feel like blockades. Thin opening walls. Plexiglas transfigured to ravishing marvels. Cristina Marques’ subtle space windows chase evil shadows. They open onto remote places, leap toward heights and silence gravity. An art made of bursts, transparencies and luminous borderlines. One sees fragile ramparts of vivacious light, thin chromatics as tightly bound as bandages and remote universe bubbles. Cristina Marques hits hard into essence and transcendence. The pieces she creates are so many precious talismans of radical presence, plural and fascinating. They create their own space within space… Each work is a fragile body, a milestone of strange beauty, where air and water are wed with living matter, always marked by vital traces. [Read more…]

Michel Gaudet – September 2012

Cristina Marques’ work belongs to the specific realm of sculpture. They are erected within definite themes that matter to their author in her fundamental research. One’s reaction to their colours, to their forcefulness or their grace will depend upon our culture, our relationship to art and our meekness towards suggestion. The setting and circumstances shall play their part and one shall follow the sculpture on one’s own terms. [Read more…]